Electric scooter 1000w vankus patinete e






Vankus Electric Scooter 

The Main Parts

Electric scooter 1000W vankus
Electric scooter 1000W vankus
Electric scooter 1000W vankus

Vankus Electric Scooter 

Technical Characteristics

vankus electric scooter 1000W spain tech

Vankus Electric Scooter 

Safety Instructions

  • Vankus Electric Scooter is a personal transport vehicle and it is designed for one person use only. Please do not carry a passenger on this electric scooter. 

  • Vankus Electric Scooter is designed for adult use only. Persons under the age of 16 should not use this vehicle.

  • Please wear the safety helmet when riding the electric scooter.

  • Do not ride the electric scooter on the unsafe surface or offroad.

  • Please practice on an open traffic-free space on gear level 1 before riding on the bicycle lane. 

  • Please during the riding operations always keep both hands on the handlebar and both feet on the standing board. Please do not jump on the standing board.

  • Do not turn off the motor power while riding the scooter.

  • Do not try to ride over a gap of more than 3 cm. This may cause injury to the rider or damage the vehicle.

  • When riding on the rough or bumpy road, please slow down the electric scooter or stop riding the vehicle

  • A user must adjust the height of the handlebar tube according to their height to ensure a safe, stable and comfortable ride.

  • Do not ride Vankus Electric Scooter on slippery surfaces such as oil or ice.

  • Do not use Vankus Electric Scooter in the weather conditions with the temperature below -5.

  • Do not leave the product immersed in a water depth of more than 3 cm to avoid damage to the electrical parts of the vehicle.

  • Avoid riding the Vankus Electric Scooter in adverse weather conditions like rain, snow or wind storm to prevent an accident. If riding in these conditions, never exceed the speed of 10 km/h.

  • If the electric scooter is not used for a period of longer than 30 days, regularly charge it at least every 30 days. 

  • When unfolding the vehicle, please press the folding system handle till it clicks and make sure that it is in place

Vankus Electric Scooter 

Folding/Unfolding Instructions

Electric scooter 1000W vankus
Electric scooter 1000W vankus
Electric scooter 1000W vankus
Electric scooter 1000W vankus

Vankus Electric Scooter 

Operational Instructions

Before Riding


  • Choose a suitable venue for riding.

  • Unfold the electric scooter according to the instructions.

  • Adjust the height of the handlebar tube according to your height.



  • Press the power button to turn on the power. The speed is set by default to gear level 1.

  • For safety purposes, Vankus Electric Scooter has a safe start design which means the motor can start only when the speed of the vehicle is above 0. It prevents motor start when the acceleration handle is pressed by mistake. To start the riding operations, put one foot on the standing board and the other foot on the ground and kick scoot it like a classic kick scooter. When the scooter is in motion and its speed is above 0, smoothly use the acceleration handle to start the motor. Once the motor starts, put the other foot on the standing board and continue riding. 

  • When riding, adjust the gear level from 1 to 3, use lights and horn according to the road conditions and according to the situation. 

  • Be aware of the cruise control function. Cruise control function is activated when the acceleration handle is pressed with the same pressure for 3 seconds. 

  • Be aware of the possibility of unpredictable sudden obstacles on your way and control the speed level.​




  • Use the rear brakes handle for braking under normal circumstances. Use front brake handle for braking in emergency situations.

  • The greater pressure you put, the greater braking force will be applied. Be aware that hard braking may result in an accident due to slipping of the wheels, lost of balance and fall of the vehicle. Hard braking might also cause damage to the tire.

Vankus Electric Scooter 




  • Vankus Electric Scooter uses rubber elastic tires. When the tires are worn out or have a puncture, they need to be replaced timely.

  • Contact the official distributor to replace the original tires.

  • Inspect your scooter and its tires every month, check if the screws are tightened enough. If they are loose, tighten them.




  • Vankus Electric Scooter is equipped with a lithium polymer battery.  The average lifespan of the battery is 1000 cycles. Under normal use and maintenance, the battery lifespan can generally reach more than 1000 cycles.

  • Before using the scooter for the first time, please charge the battery to the full charge.

  • Avoid totally depleting your scooter’s battery before charging. Always make sure it is minimum 10 % charged. For satisfactory vehicle performance, the battery has to be charged  minimum 50 %

  • Do not leave your electric scooter with a significantly discharged battery for a few hours. Charge it promptly.

  • When storing the electric scooter for a long period, make sure the battery is at least 40-50 % charged. It is advisable to charge your scooter minimum once per 30 days.

  • Always use only the original Vankus charger that corresponds to the model of the scooter.

  • Do not leave your electric scooter in the cold temperature below 0 or under the direct sun. Keep the battery dry. Negative environmental conditions can damage the battery.

  • Lithium-ion batteries have to be treated with extreme caution. Unappropriated charging, damage or overheating can result in a fire. Do not leave your electric scooter to charge without supervision. Do not leave the electric scooter to charge overnight. Always supervise the electric scooter while it is charging and avoid battery over-charge. Do not use, charge or leave a damaged battery unattended and follow the disposal protocols immediately.




The dedicated charger provided by Vankus has a charging protection timing function.


Charging instructions

  • Open the charging port cover on the electric scooter and insert the charger output connector into the charging port.

  • Insert the charger input power plug into the power socket (AC110V-220V)

  • Charger light is red to indicate that charging is in progress; when the charger light turns green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.

  • When charging the battery, place it in a dry, ventilated environment.